Follow the Links below to some of my favorite Catholic web-sites! Please e-mail me for your own suggested links!

St. Benedict Center--Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus!

Single Trad Catholic Message Board
Please come and visit and chat with other Traditional Catholics!

CatholicGoldmine--Some good Catholic articles. I don't agree with "certain apparitions"--use your own judgement.

St. Raphael.NET-- A Catholic Meeting Place similar to this site, BUT not everyone on it goes to a Latin Mass. Most attend Novus Ordo Masses.

Directory of Latin Masses available in the United States. This is an online directory. Go to Please call number before going to place as Mass times change frequently or even the place they meet.

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Fransican Minims
Authors of the Reflections Magazine and Information about the prophecy given to the Portavoz of Mexico. Another Traditional Mass related center with good books and publications. "In Hoc Signo Vinces"

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