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     Welcome to St. Raphael's Matchmaker Page! This is the informative page. I have a separate page for the profiles of people interested in writing to other Single Traditional Catholics. Please read this short letter before going to the Profile Page.
purpose of St. Raphael's matchmaker page is to help other Single Traditional Catholics to meet each other through e-mail or real mail (you may choose how you wish to write). The purpose is to establish good solid friendships to begin with. I am not proposing you ask anyone on a "date" until you know that person through correspondence and possible phone calls first. I am not responsible for any false information that might be given; I hope everyone will be honest and give out information that is correct! I also recommend that if you do decide to meet in person someone you write that you please do so in a public place.
How does it work? First of all you will need to e-mail me or write my address below to put your profile on the "Profile Page". Please see information below. Secondly, send a donation of $15 to my address below for your profile information to be published on the web. I require $25 if you want your photo on the net. If you cannot afford this, then let me know and I will work it out. Please send money orders only. Thirdly, just to wait for someone to write you or e-mail you. Also, you may write to any profiles that I will have listed--please just e-mail me and ask!
     Note: The donations will go towards upkeep of this web-site plus one yearly Latin Tridentine Mass for profile members. Any other yearly donations are optional. Thanks.
     I hope if you have any questions to please e-mail me below.
Yours truly,

Please go over to to sign up for the "SingleTradCatholics" list or follow the link on the side bar.

You may write the profiles on the next page. Just e-mail me and I will give you that person's e-mail address!

Please send the following for me to post your profile:
Favorite Saying or Motto:
Favorite Saints:
Favorite Sport:
Attend "Indult" Latin Mass, SSPX Latin Mass, Independent, Sedevacantist, Novus Ordo. Education/Occupation. Brief Description of Yourself:

Please send
$15 suggested donation MONEY ORDER ONLY payable to Miss Julie Arreguin, P.O. Box 5, San Augustine, TX 75972. This will cover your profile information to be posted for at least one year (renewable on request). Plus I will have a Latin Mass offered for profile person's intentions.

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