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Profiles for Men St. Raphael's Program Section 2.
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Favorite saints: Saint Philomena, St. Rita, St. Catherine, St. Gregory, St. Isadore, St. Therese, St. Teresa.
Favorite sports: Bowling
Hobbies: reading, playing on internet, collecting antique farm machinery
Mass: SSPX chapel in St. Louis
BS from Illinois State University
About Myself:
Somewhat reserved, more of a homebody type preferring quiet country living away from the crowds. I also believe in homeschooling children.

Favorite Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Ignatius of Loyola
Favorite Sport: tennis
Favorite Motto: Act as though all depends upon you, but believe that all depends upon God.
Hobbies interests: Organic gardening, hiking, reading, ballroom, country and folk dancing, camping, floating.
Mass attendance: Old Latin Mass at SSPX chapel.
Occupation: Maintenance mechanic with Postal Service.
Education: Bachelors in Agriculture Science, studies in philosophy, theology, real estate, construction, electronics, mechanics.
Profile: Traditional Catholic, handsome (they say!), relaxed, health conscious, non-smoker. Social drinker.
Height: 5'11", weight: 180, brown hair, hazel eyes, short beard for convenience, enjoy most types of music but prefer classical. Searching for a traditional Catholic lady with similar interests for friendship, love, marriage, family.

M--July 12, 1971
Favorite Hobbies/Interests: Computer, Electronics, Aviation, Singing (old pieces), Horse Riding, Playing with babies/kids.
Favorite Saints: St. Philomena
Favorite Motto/Saying: Pax hominibus bonae voluntatis (Peace to the men of good will.)
Favorite sport: swimming.
Description: Petite, stubborn, hardworking, like to study my own field of interests (technical things, shoehorning skills, learning languages), I don't usually go out a lot, but I do from time to time socially.
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