Christ or King David Design K1 for Stationery/Labels.

Catholic Items Pictures…
I decided I needed more room for the pictures of what I can put on address labels, stationery and T-shirts. I can use ALL items below on the Medium size labels, Stationery and T-shirts. The smaller address labels can only certain pictures...please ask! Ordering Information on Catholic Items for Sale Page.

Cross 1, Benedict 1, Peter 1, Agony 1

Jesus Face, Ressurection 1, Last Supper 1, Cross 2

Palm Sunday / Cross 3/ Pope 1

Cross 4

Angel-1 and MH-1 labels.

St. Piedra/ Angel 4

CHristmas-1/ Angel 5, Angel 6 / Cross 5 (Crown of thorns)

First Communion, Wedding, France flower, Holy Cup, Tulip1, SAINT Patrick

Lily 1,                    Lily2           Flowers 1                 Cross 6    Holy Ghost 1, Jesus Face 2

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