Catholic Items for Sale Page is a place where I am offering items such as stationery, note cards, and address labels with religious Catholic theme. A great gift idea for birthdays or Christmas season!

See Pictures of Catholic Items Page for choices of stationery or Address Labels. Thank you.

Stationery Items:
Religious theme stationery printed on special stationery paper and in color on 8"x11" paper. 24 sheets and 12 envelopes per set. Personalized with your address on top (if you prefer none please let me know.) Personalization choices below (regular, script, or computer looking fonts.) One set for $9.99 plus shipping. Stationery shipping is $2.00. If you wish to order more, please contact me as this goes by weight!

Address Labels:
Medium Standard Size 1 inch x 2 5/8 inch labels are $5.95 for 3 sheets plus $1.50 shipping. (If you want to order more, please let me know because the shipping goes by weight.)
All pictures may be used on Medium Size.

I can make
smaller size labels 1/2 inch x 1 3/4 inch but limited amount of space for photos/pictures. Please contact me before choosing a photo/label for this size. I can make them plain no picture too. These are $5.95 for 3 sheets plus $1.50 shipping.

Ordering Information:
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Please send MONEY order payment to: Single Traditional Catholics c/o Miss Julie Arreguin, P.O. Box 5, San Augustine, TX 75972.
Checks can be made out to Herman Arreguin.

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