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Profiles for St. Raphael's Program:
I am not printing anyone's names so the code is the person's identification which is their actual
birth date plus M for Male and F for Female. (The webmaster does not support sedevacantist position...but I do allow such profiles as this is fair to anyone searching.)

Please feel free to e-mail me for more information on writing to one of the following persons:

M-08-06-? Year? Age 18
My family call me, and my e-mail is Mr.Snee, a name I picked up when I was younger, a sort of play of Mr Snee from Peter Pan. 
    I am 17 years old and will be 18 on Aug 6th.  I am the second oldest child, and second male in a family of 5 kids.  We range in age from 19 to 2 years.  I home schooled for high school and part of grade school and I graduated about 2 years ago.  I'm planning on going to college this Fall.  I plan to take Criminal Justice, but this could change since I am also interested in computers.  I work in a Photo Shop, and I find that I am becoming interested in the finer points of photography.  I plan to buy a more complicated camera in the near
future.  (My brother and I received our first point and shoot about 3 years ago.)

Male 12/23/63 Age 35
Favorite Motto: Jesus I trust in You.
Favorite Saint: John Bosco
Favorite Sport: Football
Hobbies: Collect Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments and Mardi Gras Dabloons.
Interests: Computers, Movies, History, Trivia, Music, and Prophecy.
I am 5'-7" tall with brown hair and brown eyes, and I wear eye
glasses. Third generation Italian-American.  Originally from New
Orleans but now living in Orlando.  I am friendly and mild        mannered.  My friends think of me as being loyal, kind and witty.  I
have a college education and currently working as a computer
draftsman.  Non-smoker, who drinks occasionally in moderation,
and doesn't use drugs.  Willing to commit to the right woman.
Who I want to Meet: I want to meet someone who is serious about their faith, warm-hearted, friendly, reliable, patient and has a sense of humor.  Someone of average intelligence and beauty. College
educated a plus. A person who loves children and simple                  pleasures.  Non-smoker, social drinker, (ok), 25-35 years old.
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